Jazz dancing is high energy and upbeat. It is a combination of several styles of dance and uses the foundation steps of ballet in a more stylized manner. This style of dance has been featured on the hit TV show “So You Think You Can Dance”. The class starts with a warm-up that will work on stretching, aligning, strengthening and conditioning your body. Included in the warm –up are exercises for the development of basic dance technique. It also introduces specific jazz movements that will later be incorporated into dance combinations. The class will move from the warm-up to center floor or across the floor. The teacher will work on jazz steps such as turns, leaps, and kicks as well as other fast energetic body movements. At the culmination of the lesson is the learning and performing of a dance combination. This is a combination of movements using all the elements of dance and testing the dancer’s technique, coordination and memory. Popular music, high energy and tons of fun make this class and style of dance very popular.

Dress Code

  • Form fitting dance clothes- dance shorts, leotards, tank tops, crop tops, no baggy t-shirts
  • Jazz shoes
  • Tights are not necessary
  • Hair in a neat bun