Competition Team

The Dance Dynamics competition team is geared to the serious dancer who wants to gain the most from their dance training. Dancers on our team love the art of dance and hope to continue with dance for many years to come. This is for dancers who are fully committed to competitive dance are ready to go to the next level. Team dancers are expected to work hard every week in class, make their dance training a priority and are committed to excellence.

We go to dance competitions to provide a platform for our students to test their skills, learn how to become a better performer, and gain valuable knowledge from the judges to help the enhance and grow their dance training. The goal is not about winning, but about achieving personal growth and working as a team to the best of their ability. Learning to win gracefully, and be graceful in the times your score is not what you had hoped for teaches the dancers valuable lessons that will be used throughout life. Dancers in this program Dance Dynamics will gain self- esteem and a strong foundation that fosters a positive attitude, good sportsmanship, and team work.

Auditions take place in July or August each year.